"Harbor Country Art Scene"  Friday @11:00am; Saturday @9:00am ; Sunday @7:00am - Returning for the 11th year, hoist Dave Knoebber highlights the events and Activites at galleries and venues throughout Harbor Country and Michiana

Robin's Roost" - Thursday July 20 @ 8:00pm and Sunday July 23 @2:00pm - This edition of "Robin's Roost" features "So Lo Can You Go" - A couple of years after the demise of The Siegel-Schwall Blues Band, Corky Seigel the extraordinary and most distinctive pianist, song writer, and harmonica virtuoso put together these recordings in Chicago.  What a treat!  As fresh today as when these tunes were first recorded.

"JEML Mixes" - Friday July 21 at 9:00pm and Tuesday July 25 @ 8:00am. This week's "little bit of everything" starts with a run of blues tunes, followed by some country before the rock tunes take over.  Be for the program ends we hit a little pop, bluegrass and folk music.  Luminaries include: John Lee Hooker, Loretta Lynn, Johnny Cash, Lucinda Williams, Bonnie Raitt, Eric Clapton and Bill Morissey to name a few.             

"The Wilbur Fibble Comedy Hour" - Monday July 17 @ 8:00PM and Sunday July 23 @ 10:00PM - Join Host Wilbur Fibble for "Monkeys In A Barrel" - We've repeatedly asked Wilbur Fibble who performed on this show.  His response has been, "It's a surprise!  You'll just have to tune in and find out!"