" Cheaper Than a Shrink" - Saturday 6/24/17 @10:00am and Sunday 6/25/17 @ 10:00am. Catch Gail Isaacson's new essay " Sneeking In".  It was featured in the New Buffalo Times, but is great with the reading accompanied by music. 

"With Respect" - Sunday June 18 @ 11:00am and Thursday June 22 @ 10:00am - John's guest this week is Jamie Bingaman, the Executive Director of The Box Factory for the Arts in St. Joseph, MI, but which serves a constituency that ranges from South Bend to Harbor Country to the Twin Cities. They discuss her role is the day to day manager of a 52,000 square feet facility which houses artists studios, classrooms, performance venues and galleries dedicated to Michigan artists and their work. She speaks with passion of the role of art in education and the life of any community.

" All Over the Planet" is now on for 2 hours!!! Fridays at 6:30PM and Tuesdays at 3:00pm

"Harbor Country Art Scene"  Friday @11:00am; Saturday @9:00am ; Sunday @7:00am - Returning for the 11th year, hoist Dave Knoebber highlights the events and Activites at galleries and venues throughout Harbor Country and Michiana

Robin's Roost" - Thursday June 15 @ 8:00pm and Sunday June 18 @2:00pm - This edition of "Robin's Roost" features  a five week journey through the very influential and all too short career of Bix Beiderbeck covers many of his best recordings from the mid-Twenties to the early-Thirties.  Perhaps, less than a handful of trumpet players have been as stylistically inventive as Bix was to jazz music.

"JEML Mixes" - Friday June 23 at 9:00pm and Tuesday June 27 @ 8:00am. This week's "little bit of everything" rolls out with a string of pop tunes from the sixties (60's).   We'll step back in time a bit and hit a little rockabilly from 1959. Then the genre switch through the top of the hour staying primarily in the last century.  The end comes with a flurry of new music including folk, rock and blues.   Luminaries include: Doris Day, Dion Warwick, Jimmy Reed, and James Taylor among many others.              

"The Wilbur Fibble Comedy Hour" - Monday June 26 @ 8:00PM and Sunday July 2 @ 10:00PM - Join Host Wilbur Fibble: "The Goons In June" - For four Mondays in June we return, once again to the humor provided by Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan and their cohort in comedy,  Harry Secombe.  Unique in all of comedy their series of British radio shows are, perhaps somewhat dated, but always amusing.  "The Goons In June" is Wilbur Fibble's annual treat!