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Betty Hoeffner

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Hey U.G.L.Y.'s 'Choose To Change' Radio show is a new concept in radio programming that allows listeners to read the lyrics to the songs as they are being played. The show is the brainchild of Choose To Change host, Betty Hoeffner, co-founder and president of Hey U.G.L.Y. - Unique Gifted Lovable You, the international nonprofit organization that empowers youth to be their true selves and part of the solution to bullying. Co-hosted by Michelle Gipson, the show's play list covers all genres of music.

Teen and tween Guest DJs suggest songs with lyrics that either inspire positive self-esteem, equality, a healthy planet, peace or never giving up. Never giving up is so important in light of the fact that suicide is the third largest killer of youth in America.

After each song is played the guest DJs discuss the message of the lyrics and how these songs can help youth all over the world choose to change things about themselves that may be holding them back from a life free of not feeling "good enough" and the self-bullying that results from feeling that way. Often the guest DJs actually interview recording artists and celebs from shows like American Idol.

The half-hour program attracts listeners of all age groups from coast to coast and as far away as Thailand.

The goals of Choose To Change are to encourage teens to listen to positive messages; encourage adults to better connect with teens by listening to those messages; and, to spread positivity across the world . . . on the radio in our homes and cars, like self-improvement tapes only world improvement tapes.

If you would like to be a guest DJ email If you cannot come into the studio we can have you on-air via the phone. It's really cool!

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