Rob Miller

Rob Miller

Rob didnt care much for music growing up. He was too busy listening to his Monty Python and Richard Pryor Lps to be bothered with it. Besides the dudes that listened to all that Zeppelin where he grew up in Detroit and its environs scared him. Then he bought albums by Devo and Howlin Wolf cuz the covers looked cool and he aint been right in the head since.

After a 4 year stint at University of Michigans WCBN, where he hosted a rockabilly show, an R&B show and a freeform show, and worked as a production assistant for a promoter (catering to the whims of everyone from Nirvana to Taylor Dayne to LL Cool J), he moved to Chicago to get away from music.

Two years later, he co-founded Bloodshot Records, wheres he been ever since. Obviously the plan to escape the sinister pull of music failed.

He is a firm believer that music should be played by humans, not machines. Millers Cave allows him to remind himself why he loves music, away from the office full of wrangling lawyers, whining guitarists, kleptomaniac interns and craven ad men.

Email him suggestions, requests, letters of giddy pleasure or of profound disappointment at

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