Rachel Collins

Rachel Collins grew up in Crystal Lake, Illinois. Her family owned a restaurant, so Rachel was immersed in the culture of fine food from the very start. Her Northern Italian immigrant grandparents were the influence for the family activities of fishing and foraging for wild foods. This was truly the foreshadowing for the creation of the Collins Caviar Company. She completed high school in 3 years, and proceeded directly to college, where she studied classical music (flute performance), liberal arts and theatre in Chicago. She finished her time at college with a semester at New York University in Paris, France. Surprisingly, Rachel was not a business major, as some might guess. Her training came from experience, and the generosity of the mentors she encountered in her early years in business. In 1983, recreational fishing trips had prompted Rachel’s mother Carolyn to start making caviar out of her kitchen at home. The two women soon realized they had struck upon a unique culinary creation, and Collins Caviar Company was founded. Rachel began to run the operation when it was moved to Chicago in 1985. In 1994, Rachel took hiatus to become an apprentice chef. She was soon heading up the kitchens of several restaurants in her new home of Southwest Michigan. She also started a private catering company, and an in home chef service for area residents. In 1997, Rachel returned to the Collins Caviar Company full time. Change was in the wind, and she began to run all facets of the business, while Carolyn graciously retired. Today in 2015, Collins Caviar remains and industry leader in the finely tuned niche field of Caviar processors/manufacturers & specialty food distributors. An accomplished public speaker, Rachel continues to lecture and educate those in the trade and the culinary community on the business of American Caviar and global fisheries, specializing in sturgeon. Today, Rachel Collins is respected in the industry as a talented, assertive and organized entrepreneur who prides herself on attention to detail, integrity in the workplace, and providing exceptional service to clientele. She has developed skills in finance, food chemistry, product costing, purchasing, freight logistics, and packaging design as the operational head of the Collins Caviar Company. Throughout her 28plus years of experience in the fine food industry, Rachel Collins remains honored to be of service to all those who share the passion of fine food, creative endeavors and the satisfaction of a job well done.

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